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In Pop Warner football, what does the minimum mandatory play rule mean?

  • In accordance with Pop Warner rules, Mashpee Pop Warner will abide by the established minimum mandatory play rules. The number of minimum plays for each player is determined by the number of players eligible for that day’s game. These are mandatory minimum play numbers:
  • 16-25 Players: 10 Plays
  • 26-30 Players: 8 Plays
  • 31-35 Players: 6 Plays (“E” Team plays may be different)
  • In most cases, players will play more than the minimum number of plays, however, it is the head coach’s decision how many plays each players gets aside from their minimum mandatory plays.

What equipment do you provide?

  • Mashpee Pop Warner distributes the following equipment to all the football participants, to be returned at the end of the season:
  • Helmet , Chin Strap and Mouth Guard
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Practice Pants
  • Game Jersey (2)
  • Game pants
  • Belt
  • Girdle, Hip, Tail, Thigh and Knee Pads
  • All the above equipment, is due back to the equipment container at the end of the season during your teams scheduled equipment hand in. Failure to return equipment on or before the return date will result in you being billed for the cost to replace.

What equipment do I have to provide?

  • Parents will need to provide:
  • Athletic Supporter
  • Cleats
  • You may purchase optional equipment such as, gloves, braces, chin sleeves, etc… You should discuss your need for such equipment with your coach prior to purchase. (Metal cleats are not allowed and rubber cleats must not exceed ½”).

When and where do I get the equipment you provide?

  • Football player equipment will be distributed by team during pre-season equipment hand out, date will be announced, at the Mashpee Pop Warner equipment shed . No equipment will be issued until all paperwork and registration fees are paid.

Where do I get the equipment I have to provide?

  • All optional equipment can be purchased at any major sporting goods store.

What if I have a problem with my equipment?

  • Most equipment problems can be resolved by making simple adjustments with the right tools. See your coach or the equipment manager for assistance.

What if my helmet hurts my head?

  • Your helmet must fit tightly to protect your head, so it’s very common for your helmet to hurt your head for the first couple of weeks. We recommend that you wear your helmet for an hour or so each day just before season starts. If your helmet still causes discomfort after a couple of days, see your coach or the equipment manager for assistance.

How do I take care of my equipment?

  • Game Uniform: Remove pads from pants Wash in warm water with like colors. Do not use bleach. Allow to air dry.
  • Helmet: Wash inside and out with mild soap and water as needed. Tighten loose screws as needed. Contact the equipment manager if any part of the helmet is damaged or missing. Shoulder Pads: Wash with mild soap and water as needed. Contact the equipment manager if straps or laces are torn or cut.

What if I return my equipment later than the return date?

  • Late returns mean extra trips to the equipment container, additional paperwork and hours of extra work for the equipment manager. Please make every effort possible to avoid this situation.

What if I lose or damage some or all of my equipment?

  • Normal wear and tear on football equipment is expected. However, you will be billed for replacement of lost or abused equipment.

What is “mandatory weigh-in”? Is it really “mandatory”?

  • Mandatory weigh-in is a criteria that is set for football players who participate in Pop Warner programs by the National Pop Warner Little Scholars Association which governs all Pop Warner football and cheer organizations. The requirement for this weigh-in is stressed during registration. It is readily acknowledged by all returning football players as a pre-requisite for participation. The weigh-in rule was established to ensure that players are playing in the proper weight/age division for the protection of all players. The weights are certified by the league in game day books every team carries to every game. These books contain league certified documentation on each player that includes the player’s picture in his/her game jersey, birth certificate and weigh-in certification. Before each game every player is weighed against the information in these books to ensure that only certified players are being dressed to participate in any given game. Again, we are trying to do everything possible for the safety of the players by ensuring that every player is participating at the proper weight/age level. Under these rules no player is allowed to play unless they are weighed and certified by the league. This weigh-in does not take place in the middle of summer but as late in August as possible while still allowing all weights to be certified by the start of the season.

If a child misses the certification, can he or she still play?

  • Unfortunately, if your child cannot attend the mandatory weigh-in, he/she will not be able to play in the first game of the season. There are always unavoidable conflicts and thus a second alternative weigh-in is always scheduled into the season. This alternative weigh-in is not designed to penalize players but has been implemented to allow players a second chance to weigh in while only missing one game in an eight plus game season.

Why do I have to be at the field so early for each game?

  • This is to allow the coaches ample time for weigh ins, warm ups and game preparation. If there is any time your child will have to be late (religious school, family commitment), please notify their coach.

Do we have to be at every practice?

  • Absences are the sole discretion of the individual coach. Since we have a maximum amount of practice time per week, (10 hours per week before Labor Day and 6 hrs per after Labor Day) most teams will only practice 3 days a week. Talk to your coach about pre-arranged absences.
  • Ten hours of conditioning (practice without pads) are required before full gear is worn. No exceptions.

What happens if the MPR is not met?

  • When a player does not have all their minimum plays by the end of the third quarter, they are to start the fourth quarter and play until they have reached their minimum plays. This requirement is the responsibility of the “Head Coach”.

My son is new to football. What should we expect?

  • Many boys and girls who sign up have no prior experience. The coaches take this into consideration during the conditioning and initial instruction period in August. This is why it’s so very important for your child to attend every practice. The physical conditioning is more intense than other sports. To help prevent injuries, all players should begin conditioning several weeks prior to the beginning of practice in August. Prior to August, 45 minutes of running, push-ups, and sit-ups at least every other day will help make your son’s first few weeks in football less demanding.

Are there try-outs?

  • Pop Warner accepts all applicants (baring any medical reason they cannot play).


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